Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday woo hoo!

Yea I'm sooo happy it's Friday!!

Well last night I had promised my stepdaughter we'd go get hot dogs and fries from a place down the road. I was sooo hungry -- so I got 2 hot dogs and some chili cheese fries. What was I thinking??!!! I ate only 1 hot dog..but did eat the chili cheese fries. I ate slowly and really enjoyed them. Luckily it wasn't a large portion -- so I counted my points and moved on. I really need to watch getting to hungry or I throw it all to the wind and just want to eat.

I didn't eat anything else the rest of the night...and actually woke up this morning hungry. So I know it wasn't to to bad -- as when I do overeat -- I wake up not hungry AT ALL in the am. Since I've started counting my points in the evening I can adjust and eat lighter today to make up for the high points at dinner last night.

The weekend is coming and I always have a harder time on the weekends!!! Tonight we have a football know we'll prob eat there. Saturday think we are going downtown to a museum and eat lunch down there. Dinner at home. Sunday we are tackling cleaning our garage so will burn some calories there -- as it's reallllly bad -- and prob dinner at home. Monday no clue. So might be a challenge this weekend....but will keep on track and try and get some exercise in to help balance some of the eating out that will be occuring this weekend!!

Have a good 3-day weekend!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Ahh yea today is a good day. :)

I have started to count my points at dinner for the day. Meaning my day starts at my dinner time. So for example -- I would start my day with today, Thursday's dinner...and Friday's breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks...then that's my total for the day.

A customer stopped into my work yesterday and he mentioned he was doing WW with his we got to talking...and he mentioned this idea of starting your day in the evening. I was soooooooo excited, as I used to do that before when I was successful in losing weight!! I had forgotten!! My husband is the one who does the cooking most times at night..and he is sooo not a it's near impossible to know what my nightly points will be. So this is perfect for me!! I can plan my bfast, lunch and snacks after I know exactly how many points I have left. Yippie!!

I feel motivated today...and happy. :)

Better Day Today

I had a tough time yesterday, I just wanted to eat eat eat! Gaining this week really put me in a bad head place. I got on the scale this am -- and it's down again!! See I KNEW that gain wasn't "real" on Tuesday night. So this has helped me start my day with a good attitude. But also upsets me I rely on the scale so much for my "moods" and whether I do "good" or not. Ugggh!

I have yoga tonight but have been extremely tired this week and think I might be coming down with something. I sooo wanted to take a nap when I got home from work last night...but had my stepdaughters open house at her school and had to stop by a friends house to say happy bday to her daughter. But I did come back from all that and got to bed at a decent time finally. I'm sooo glad it's a 3 day weekend!! But back to yoga I'm on the fence about going tonight...depends how I feel by the end of the day. It's the last class..and am glad. I don't like this looking for something else to join.

So here's to having a good day today, yeah!! :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ok so I GAINED 2 pounds at weigh in last night!!!??? I know I was not ms. perfect this week but not 2 pounds worth of bad. I did go out with the girls Saturday night and had a fewwww drinks. I hardly every drink...and it was sugary drinks so maybe that has something to do with it. I had been down all week long then since Sunday it had been up a bit.

So going to keep on going -- and hope that it is a good number next week. I do remember from last time -- I'd have a good week, not a good week, good week, not so good maybe that is how my body works? That is why I lose so slowwwwly too. But am at -2.8 pounds in 3 weeks, so about 1 pound a week loss. I'll take it. :)

Also need to HIT THE GYM or find exercise classes to do -- that helps keep me accountable and actually go. I am doing a yoga class once a week but I don't like it -- it's too hard. I took it before and it was awesome..but this teacher I don't like...she's to advanced for me. I figure if I keep taking diff classes -- I'll eventually find one I like. think I'm going to sign up for a Zumba's on Mondays though and I don't like Monday classes...ugggh...but that is just an excuse right!!! :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have been keeping this blog for 4 years, WOW -- there aren't that many posts..and I made all of them private some time ago. But just read thru them and wow, the things you forget. It really makes me want to be more active on this will do so!!

I used to weigh around 260 - 11 years ago and slowly the weight came off and got down to 180. I felt FANTASTIC! I will never EVER forget that feeling. I am not one who aspires to be the skinny skinny girl..I just want to feel good and healthy. 180 was that for me then....but slowly it came back on over the years...and have been struggling again for 5 years I think it's been. It's time for me to get back to that girl who felt soo great. The one thing that sticks out to me that I did? HIT THE GYM and MOVED!!!! I always ate more than I should ... always....but I always worked out too. That is key for my body. What am I not doing now? Going to the gym!

I have got to get back into the that's my goal for this week. Journal, blog and hit the gym! :)

Christmas Challenge

Ok I joined a Christmas challenge. Since I'm a complete idiot when it comes to this whole blog thing...I don't know how to post the graphic thingy. (HA) So here is a link! (i can do that!!)

I'm excited to join and maybe it'll help keep me accountable! I plan on reaching 199 by Christmas!!! It's a very moderate goal..but I'm a slow loser so this is a good goal.

Yeah! I'm excited!!

Draggging today

I am so very tired today, it makes me want to eat! I just got up from my desk and the urge to get something to snack on was soooo great. I weigh in tonight so need to make it a lighter day....I already had breakfast, tooooooooooo many crackers and lunch. I talked myself out of some chips and had a banana instead. Now am fine..that was close! :)

Motivation -- Got some?

Edit: I notice I hadn't updated that I joined Weight Watchers soon after that last post. That class just didn't motivate me!! So in the below post my weight loss is since WW.

I have been doing so well the past 2 weeks, lost 4.8 pounds...well this week hit and was crazy busy and didn't do so well. Today is weigh in -- and also a fresh start to the week. I HATE to get off track as it's so hard to get back in the groove!! Ugggh! I was plugging along..motivated and doing so well. Today I just don't feel that "spark"...I can't lose that feeling...I mean it's only the beginning of week 4!!!

I know I'm very tired, haven't recouped from the maybe that is it. We'll see how weigh in goes, from the looks on the scale this morning I don't have high hopes. However I didn't do THAT bad to that is frustrating too.

I need to get back into planning more and packing my lunches ahead of time rather than throwing it together in the am. I have found I eat way less and having less food to choose from is key for me. Also to slow down and enjoy the something I need to keep doing...that makes a BIG difference. I also find myself sometimes on auto pilot...piling food on my plate then eating fast..I catch myself and think -- what am I doing -- no wonder I need to lose weight!!!

Anyhow -- back at it today, although I ate to many wheat crackers this am already. I counted the points, and makes me sick..all those point for crackers -- just think what I COULD of eaten for those points! HA :)