Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOWEE I can't believe it! My HCG level is 392 which is a great level. I go in Saturday to test again to make sure that number doubles and ultrasound in 2 weeks.

I'm going to be a mom! WOW!


Today is the day!!! I got my blood taken this I wait.....

Ugggh! I plan on working hard today to distract me from waiting. I sure hope they call this morning....but it could be this afternoon. I want to know now! ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hi -- wow long time no post right? SORRY!! It's been a madhouse around here. As you know I'm going through IVF to try to become pregnant..and I'm through it all. Wish I would of documented it through the journal....but I didn't...dang it! I think it's because if it wasn't successful it would hurt to much to read about it later. Anyhow I'm through the process and let me tell you...the last 2 weeks waiting to find out if it was positive was the WORST! I go in tomm to get my results...however...................

I have been taking at home pg tests...and I'm excited to report I have a very positive line!!! I can't believe it. I'm anxious to get the official results tomm, then the waiting begins to see the heartbeat at 6 weeks. They say to be catiously optimistic until you see the heartbeat. I think another 2 weeks of waiting will kill me! :)

If this works it's a miracle, truly a miracle...with us only being able to give it one shot as it's expensive and insurance doesn't cover just amazes me with a 37% chance of success and it may of worked for us? WOW

Anyhow will report back to let you know tomm results! :)