Thursday, July 24, 2008


Ok -- well I've been at it AGAIN for a few weeks. I've lost 4.5 pounds. I'm currently attending a weight loss "class" once a week. Pretty good deal as it's $20 for like 9 weeks...they weigh me and then have a class lecture. It's helped me lose 4.5, so not a bad deal!

However -- it's time I take this seriously and get to the grind. I have been watching my calories. Currently I'm going to be at 1800, and GOT TO get exercise back in my life!! My leg has been acting up the past month or so -- so haven't been very active. It's MUCH better now and I have no excuses!! I'm going to be joining yoga with my stepdaughter -- that starts in a few weeks. Also need to be hitting the Y for some cardio as well. I tend to go full force or not at all. I need to work on starting slow -- and that is OK!! Something is better than NOTHING!! Last time I lost weight it was due to mainly the exercise, so need that in my life!!

Short Term Goal: weight to lose 14.5 pounds
Mid-Term Goal: weight to lose 33.5 pounds
Total Goal: weight to lose 53.50 pounds (I'm not sure what goal I want to be at but this is a guess)

I've got a lot of changes and stresses in my life right now. The one thing I can control is what I stuff into my mouth and how much I move my ass. Not only will those things make me feel better about myself and more will help me take control of my life...and do something good for myself. Along this journey I want to discover who I am...and what I want to do with my life. I'm sure it will be a wild ride! :)