Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Motivation -- Got some?

Edit: I notice I hadn't updated that I joined Weight Watchers soon after that last post. That class just didn't motivate me!! So in the below post my weight loss is since WW.

I have been doing so well the past 2 weeks, lost 4.8 pounds...well this week hit and was crazy busy and didn't do so well. Today is weigh in -- and also a fresh start to the week. I HATE to get off track as it's so hard to get back in the groove!! Ugggh! I was plugging along..motivated and doing so well. Today I just don't feel that "spark"...I can't lose that feeling...I mean it's only the beginning of week 4!!!

I know I'm very tired, haven't recouped from the maybe that is it. We'll see how weigh in goes, from the looks on the scale this morning I don't have high hopes. However I didn't do THAT bad to that is frustrating too.

I need to get back into planning more and packing my lunches ahead of time rather than throwing it together in the am. I have found I eat way less and having less food to choose from is key for me. Also to slow down and enjoy the something I need to keep doing...that makes a BIG difference. I also find myself sometimes on auto pilot...piling food on my plate then eating fast..I catch myself and think -- what am I doing -- no wonder I need to lose weight!!!

Anyhow -- back at it today, although I ate to many wheat crackers this am already. I counted the points, and makes me sick..all those point for crackers -- just think what I COULD of eaten for those points! HA :)


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