Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday -- Paaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrty!

Oh man I am soo happy it's Friday!! Sooooooooo glad! I am super busy today and am leaving work early to drive 7 hours to see my sister so no time to post today. I did good yesterday until my husband said -- let's go to DQ last night after dinner. What you say you can make good choices at DQ? You can? HA yes I know you can, but I did not! Ugggggh! However one treat will not hinder my weight loss efforts, it's LOTS of treats right??!! I need to make a point to tell myself that to be successful as sometimes I'm just like oh well I blew it so might as well forget this week..and eat! I'm not doing that this time!! So back Monday w/ regular posts with my food. Sorry -- just no time today and I'll be gone this weekend.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

One more day until Friday! WOO!

Ok so yesterday was a pretty good day. My stomach has been hurting for the past week -- I don't know why stress, not eating right?? But anyways being on track yesterday really made it feel so much better!! So maybe it was the eating?? I'm just thankful it feels better -- hooray!

I feel I ate just about the right amount at dinner -- however the points seemed high, but adding it all up I did ok -- just a little over which that's what the weekly points are for!! I am not a big veggie fan at all, so it's hard to get those in. I have some cherry tomatoes for snacks today and need to get a green pepper to add to the mix too. I love salads, green beans and peas.....that's about it as far as veggies go!! Celery is ok too -- as are baby carrots (not cooked!) but those I can tolerate but not a big fan. So it's always a challenge w/ the veggies for me.

So here's to another good day today! :)

Day 1 in WeekTarget28
DLight Breakfast Sandwich-523
whole wheat tortilla w turkey and lettuce -419
fig newtons-314
pork, black eyed peas, tortilla, potato -14-1
Tootsie Roll Pop -1-2
Weekly points used: 2 - Remaining: 33 - Overall: Great Day! in Week

Table provided byRoni's" Food Journal Generator.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


OK am back! Well weighed in last night -- no gain but no loss either. I should of known as this week wasn't terribly good, but I thought it wasn't horribly bad either -- but whatever. Good result for a success next week!

I hit the grocery and got my eats for this week....and today has been great so far! I have been logging my food and will post it tomm on here. I also am going to start logging on the weekend as well, as that is my serious downfall. I am going to see my sister so prob will be some eating out -- but can make good choices even while eating out right!!?? YES! Christy posted about eating out and making good choices and mentioned me on her video...heeee that was exciting!

Sorry again for the whole link and not a cool click thru thing, I'll figure that out one of these days!

She mentioned I have some medical issues, and yes I do...I have MS (multiple sclerosis) -- I don't know if I have mentioned it on here before or not (or maybe one of the OLD posts I made private) -- I don't feel like looking right now to check! hee But I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago -- I was having some issues w/ my leg which turned into barely able to walk, I went to the hospital and they admitted me -- went thru some tests and viola I was diagnosed! I had never had anything wrong w/ me nor ever been to a hospital --- very scary!! My leg got better and today looking at me you would never know. balance is bad, memory horrible (so forgive my if I repeat myself on here! ha) and at times my legs feel "weird" is the best way to describe it! Plus I get tired easily. Soooo -- for my health I have got to lose weight...there are claims that a better diet can help w/ MS -- lessen your symptoms and also without the weight on me I'm sure I won't tire as easy too. So what better motivation do I need?? It really makes me upset and mad to know my health depends on it and yet I continue to not do the things I need to do.

Ugggh! But am trying some new things -- posting, reading blogs and developing some friendships on here to be accountable, planning and attending WW. So -- this week my goals:

-- Log my food for all 7 days
-- Make good choices while eating out this weekend
-- Plan my meals for week (have wed-fri done, need to do for sat-tues)

Those are my simple goals for this week. My main one is logging my food all week. Next weeks goals will involve some exercise. I've GOT to start incorporating that in my life. My WW leader is doing a virtual on line boot camp. I tried the link I wrote down but it's not working so have an email into her to find out what it is. I think that will help too -- and should be fun!

Ok am off, better get to working -- hope ya'll are having a good week!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday -- Blahs

Oh man -- I am just seriously blah. I was sorta that way all weekend. What is my deal?? My stomach has been hurting for a few days, I'm stressed, tired, blah and just want to be alone. Ugggh! I need a vacation however I have no days left....sigh. I am going to see my sister this weekend in a road trip, which may be just what I need! I'm looking forward to it greatly!!

Anyhow no food posts today -- I won't be tracking on the weekends, however that lead to I may rethink that. Maybe a Monday weekend wrap up or something? We'll see. I know I wasn't the best this week ( I weigh in tomm ) so don't know what the scale will tell. But I'm keepin on keepin on! I also did not get to the grocery this weekend so will be stopping tonight..I have my foods planned so it will just take a quick stop.

Homecoming dance went well for my stepdaughter, she looked beautiful and she had a great time. It was fun to see her all excited!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!