Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday -- yes! 11/21

I am SOOO happy it's Friday, this has been a long week! Yesterday was good again -- am so thrilled this is working for me, I did get on the scale and it was down a bit!! But of course it's not official until next week which will help keep me motivated this weekend. This past week was an eye opener for me, I realized that before I wasn't taking the time to plan and really think "healthy" but rather how many points of junk can I cram into my day! So am going to take some time this weekend to plan next week and stick to alot of the clean eating things I did this week. I'd like to add back in counting points however, I'm nervous cause I then tend to focus on points rather than will work on that!

Anyhow going to see Twilight tonight...woo hoo! I will be having popcorn tonight...and will be grabbing something to eat on the way which will make that something light...since I'll be eating popcorn at the movies...I'm considering that my special treat!

Anyhow here's my eats for today!

B: Oatmeal
S: Pita - plain ran out of hummus :(
L: Whole wheat tortilla w/ turkey and LF cheese
S: trail mix, cherry tomatoes
D: movie popcorn and ? (healthy no? hee)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

11/20 Thursday

Gah is it not Friday yet??? This has been the longest week ever!! I'm so tired today again -- as I went to bed to late last night. I was catching up on my DVR'd shows, Biggest Loser, Top Model, John and Kate Plus 8 -- my guilty pleasures! :)

Anyhow a good day yesterday again, I found myself hungry for dinner but not starving so it was a perfect balance of food yesterday! However -- on a side note this am?? I didn't realize I didn't have enough hard boiled eggs this am for breakfast for us....grrrrr. What did I do? Well I went to McD's -- and however my choice of a Egg McMuffin was wasn't a "clean" choice. Oh least it was not bad point/calorie wise!!

Last night we had tuna steaks instead of the salmon planned as the husband couldn't find any good salmon at the store. Well I DO NOT like seafood so wasn't super excited about dinner. Well it actually was not bad!! I can't believe it, it wasn't fishy at all was more like pork in texture to me!! ( I don't like the texture in seafood) So will be having it again and of course the husband was thrilled as he loves seafood of any kind! Then last night I joked about picking me up a Diet Coke when he ran to the gas station -- well be brought me back a small fountain drink and said he's been very proud of me not having my massive amounts of Diet Coke this week -- it was such a treat and I savored it all night!! Normally that sucker would of been gone in 30 minutes! Hee

Anyhow here's my eats for the day today:

B: McD's egg mcmuffin
S: Pita w/ hummus
L: Whole wheat tortilla w/ turkey and slice lf cheese
S: cherry totmatoes, apple, trail mix
D: Chicken lettuce wraps, w/ baked potato

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11/19 Wednesday!

Yesterday was good eating for me! However I was sadly disapointed w/ a gain of 1 pound at WW last night...uggggh! Oh well -- I just started back "on plan" Monday so no worries...will see good results next week!!

We are doing this "clean eating" for a week. I put clean eating in quote there as it varies in defentition for everyone. I have to tell you it's been a eye opener just in how much we really eat junk! We had planned on doing this Monday-Friday only as Saturday we are spending the night downtown and enjoying a meal out. My goal in this week was to how easy it would be to eat "clean" and help the husband really take notice on what he was eating, which it has and me too!

We talked last night about we really want to incorporate alot of the "clean" eating into our normal daily lives -- mainly focusing on breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks and keeping those "clean". Dinner we really don't eat much in the way of processed foods so that really isn't our problem....portions however diff story. Anyhow it's been interesting so far now in day 3.

Here's todays eats!

B: 2 hard boiled eggs, 1oz sausage
S: Pita w/ hummus
L: Whole wheat tortilla, turkey and slice LF cheese
Celery w/ natural PB
S: Orange, and nuts
D: Tuna steak, sweet potato, salad
S: 1 slice LF cheese

I do notice I have a tough time w/ veggies I just don't like them!! I try and get at least one serving as a snack and 2 servings at dinner however.

Hope today is a great day for you!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11/18 Tuesday!

Yea yesterday went a-ok! It felt good to be back on track. Oh also I have a HUGE Diet Coke addiction -- I mean HUGE!! So this week am cutting back, I get my fountain one in the morning on the way to work...and that's it for me for the day. This is big for me cause I would consume a 2 Liter + more the rest of the day. I noticed last night I had a slight headache but it wasn't bad. So go me!

Here's my food for the day and weigh in is tonight so will report it tomm!

B: Pumkin Oatmeal
S: Pita w/ hummus
L: Whole Wheat tortilla w/ turkey and cheese
S: Almonds, apple, celery
D: Quesadilla - whole wheat tortilla w/ turkey and 2 oz cheese
Rice Mix

Monday, November 17, 2008

11/17/08 Monday

Ok sorry for not posting for so long!! I didn't really fall off the wagon -- just got sidetracked!!! SO didn't write down or count points....but didn't really go overboard or crazy w/ anything either. So got on the scale this am and was the same. I'm officially weighing in tomm night so will "officially" report then!

So this week is officially Clean Eating week in our household! We gotthis magazine in the mail called Clean Eating -- I must of signed up for a freebie! Well it inspired us to try it for a week, that was all I could get the husband to commit to, so I'll take it! I'm needing something different than the same ol same ol stuff -- so this is a refreshing change. I'm working this week on portions and eating more natural -- sometimes when I get so focused on points/calories it's time consuming and so detailed that if I mess up I feel I blew it for the week even though it was just a day! So taking this week to try this...see how we do and reevaluate it for next week. It was interesting planning and shopping this weekend. I'll post my food each day...I have Mon-Fri planned out. My husband has already called me at 10am this morning saying he was starving!!! He was laughing too -- he's got a good attitude (so far anyhow!).

I'm excited to see how this week goes, also VERY excited to see the husband participating...he doesn't need to lose but about 10-20 pounds (I think he's fine but he said he needs to lose!) but more importantly to me is his health. He has high blood pressure and is tired alot -- and think with better nutrition and being more active...that will be all he needs to feel better!!

I'll keep you updated!

Monday eats (this is the plan and will update it if it changes, I didn't note servings or sizes, everything is portioned and it's 1 serving that's listed)

B: Pumpkin oatmeal, banana
S: Apple, almonds
L: Chicken Stew
S: Apple, carrot sticks,mango juice
D: Mango Chicken w/ Brown Rice