Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weekly Report

Well I lost 3.6! Woo! I am sooo happy. So that makes a total of 6.4 lost. I feel like my pants are all a little looser. Not enough for a size but just a tad looser.

Oh man and I'm sick too. Yuck. I started to feel better yesterday but this am...ick it's worse. I sure hope this passes soon. Nothing worse than being sick at work!! Plus I have to go out of town for business next weekend...and I sure can't be sick!!

Anyhow am motivated and fired up to do well!! I haven't hit the leg has been bothering me so am unable to really do anything to physical. I might check out water aerobics..that would be fun and would work for me.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Wow what a weekend, I spent alot of it not feeling so good -- so my eating wasn't too bad! Although the husband and I had an unexpected kid free night so we went to my favorite Italian place. Yum!! I ate to much bread..and had to much wine...but it was worth it!!! I think the rest of the weekend balanced it out. I weigh in here I'll report tomorrow how I did. I will say I saw a number on the scale at home I hadn't seen in while -- hope I didn't retain a ton of water today with all the drinking I've been doing cause my throat hurts!

I'll report in tomorrow!! Sorry didn't write more today was BUSY!