Friday, October 17, 2008

Camping Friday!

Ok well yesterday wasn't so great. It was a whirlwind of a day and even though I had my lunches and snacks planned I went a little overboard on my servings. I knew it would be a crazy couple days and so didn't make my lunches and snacks just brought it all to my office to store in the fridge. BIG MISTAKE I can not be trusted with a big tupperware of chicken salad and a package of cheese!! Ugggh! Oh well. Plus my husband made brownies last night so had to sample! I had one and cut up the rest to store in the freezer so they wouldn't tempt me, so that was a plus!

This is the big camping weekend so looking forward to getting some exercise and being outside all weekend. I WILL watch my food intake and try to track my food by sending "tweets" to myself w/ my will update on Monday my food log. Knowing I have to do that will make me feel accountable this weekend and not go hog wild! I was a little nervous about camping as it's supposed to be cold but yesterday I just started getting really excited and am SO ready to get away for the weekend!! It's a bunch of family and know we will have a ton of fun...looking most forward to sitting around the fire at night! :)

Anyhow hope everyone has a great weekend!

Day 2 in WeekTarget28
DLight Breakfast Sandwich -523
Chicken salad on bun w/ fruit -1013
Chicken Breast w/ Noodles and salad-13-5
Weekly points used: 10 - Remaining: 20 in Week

Table provided byRoni's" Food Journal Generator.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday -- almost the weekend, yeah!

Well yesterday was pretty good w/ the exception of those darn tootsie rolls and not enough veggies. Im going to tell my stepdaughter to take those tootsie rolls to her room -- she basically has the whole upstairs to herself and I rarely if ever go up it's safe up there! :)

Day 1 in WeekTarget28
Waffles w/ small amt peanut butter-523
Taco Salad-108
Chicken, tortilla and potato-9-1
Darn tootsie rolls!-5-6
Weekly points used: 6 - Remaining: 29 in Week

Table provided byRoni's" Food Journal Generator.

I didn't get to the grocery on my lunch hour but did go after work! Here's my plan:

Breakfasts: Dlight Breakfast Sandwiches

Lunches: Chicken salad

Snacks: dry cereal, light cheese, berries, V8 (my attempt at bringing veggies into my life! ha)

Since really I was shopping for today, tomm and Monday there isn't much there. But my key is to get good lunches and snacks. I'm going to try and make some healthy dinners next week so am going to get a couple recipes together today and go to the grocery Sunday night or Monday night. Plus use those as leftovers for lunches next week too! This weekend the food is all set -- I have a list for that too. The food that is going to be made this weekend isn't to bad so if I watch my portions I'll be set. Just have to watch it w/ all those snacks everyone is going to be bringing!

Key for my is easy and quick. When I don't have time I need a standby to be able to grab when out for lunch -- the McD's Southwest salad is my go to, I need to try Roni's version. Breakfasts? I want something hot...and good. I don't have time to make eggs in the am...I absolutely love the DLight Breakfast sandwiches...LOVE them. They satisfy me usually until midmorning where a light snack is all that I need...sometimes it lasts until lunch time. I have tried making my own w/ not so great success however my husband liked them!! I need to try to make them again...I think I can lower the points. However the turkey sausage that is on them i can't find one I like to duplicate them at home...I'm adding that to my list to try again this coming week. They are expensive at the store and also if I can lower the points and have it not be so "processed" that is a good thing!

I'm really trying to make this work for me. I think key to success is finding how to tailor the plan to your needs/life. I'm working on that!! :)

So here is to today another great day!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday - Day One

Ok so weigh in was again a big fat ZERO however w/ my cheese fest this weekend and my falling into a big vat of tootsie rolls yesterday I suppose that is good. So today is day one of the fresh start to the week, I will be successful! I will start w/ posting day one of my food week tomm am....which would be todays food.

This weekend we are going camping w/ family...a huge group of us. I already know what we are having for dinner Friday (chili) and Saturday (barb-que pork) so with some planning I can be we will be pretty active this weekend too.

So I'm off to the grocery today during lunch so better go start making my list!! Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tootsie Rolls

Whoever created tootsie rolls is an evil, evil person!!!


Ok so yesterday was ok -- started out great, ended ehhh.

DLight Breakfast Sandwich-523
100 cal pack cookies -220
McD's Southwest Salad-812
Tootsie Roll pops -57
Hamburger Helper-10-3

Table provided byRoni's" Food Journal Generator.

I didn't know we were having hamburger helper...let me tell you -- it is my weakness!! I can't make it for myself or I eat it all...and make myself sick!! ha Isn't that funny?? Anyhow ate to much of that and my stepdaughter made cookies so I had to taste that too! I should of resisted those darn cookies!! Into the freezer they went last night though so that will help me be in control! Plus I ate all the tootsie roll pops, so those are gone....if I keep them at home I'm ok but I brought the bag to work...BIG MISTAKE....I get stressed and I pop one into my mouth. Lesson learned, bring one not whole bag to work!!

So here's to today! Good day!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Holiday Ornament Exchange

blogger ornament exchange

This looks like fun!!! I'm going to participate are you??

Monday is here!

Ok so I had a great weekend with my sister!! We had alot of fun and am so glad I made the trip up to spend the weekend with her. It's a 7 1/2 hour drive so to head up after work on a Friday and come home Sunday night is a pretty big drive just for a weekend. But it's an easy drive and I bought a couple books on cd and just enjoyed the quiet time by myself. So looking forward to doing this more often as I had so much fun and didn't mind the drive at all.

However on the food front, I failed...failed miserably at the attempt to eat heathy. For some reason when I'm with my sister we just are BAD with one another. Food is a focus, we both admit it -- and know it's a problem. So next time I swear to do better, I swear! :) Also it's Wisconsin so there's cheese, lots of cheese...yummy cheese! So had lots of that..and brought some home too. Also meat and brats brought home too! I bought a huge box of frozen hamburgers, they are sooo good and last time I calculated points they were only 4 points for the's lean and on the small side....but they are from a butchers shop and yummy! I use them to whip up quick dinners and also for lunch on the weekend, I feel like I get a little indulgence when I have one and w/ a low cal bun it's reasonable points!

Despite the being "bad" this weekend I am motivated and feel determined to get on the wagon and stay there! I miss feeling good in my skin and also want to do this for my health. So started logging my food for today and I'll post todays eats on tomm blog! My attitude is good and I feel very positive am happy about that today!

Hope everyone had a good weekend -- haven't had a chance yet to catch up with everyone yet from the weekend so hope ya'll are doing well!