Friday, January 09, 2009

1*9*09 Friday -- woo hoo!

I'm soo thrilled it's Friday, work has been nuts and I've been staying up to late resulting in being sleepy in the am. I'm SO ready for the weekend!!

We are going to a Japanese Steakhouse this weekend and it's sooo yummy. I am going to try to limit my eats and stick w/ chicken! That darn rice is what gets me!! So eating will be light thru the day Saturday to help compensate for the large dinner. I'll be back on Monday -- posting just doesn't happen on the weekends!!

Here's todays plan:

B: BLight sandwich 5
S: Bananna 2
L: Forgot my lunch, so am thinking McDonalds Southwest Salad 9
S: Pepper w/ light ranch 2
D: ? 10 points left

Thursday, January 08, 2009

1*8*09 Thursday

Wow I can't believe it's Thursday already -- woo hoo! Well yesterday went well but we had some truffles in the freezer left over from Christmas and I had some!! So marked off my weekly points and keeping on plan! Here's today's food:

B: Dlight Bfast Sandwich 5
S: Chips 3
L: Leftover Spaghetti and meat sauce 6
Green Bean salad 1
S: Pepper w/ lite dressing 2
Yogurt 1

D: Chicken and Stuffing 8
Green Beans 0
Salad 2

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

1*7*09 Wednesday -- Day one!

Ok well faced the music and it wasn't as bad as I thought! So -- have 47.4 pounds to lose this year. That is my goal!

This week I'm focusing on staying within my points and planning!! Exercise is important but this week focus on getting veggies/fruits in and being in my point range.

I always think what is different this time, what will make me succeed? Well I'm determined and ready to start feeling better and taking care of myself. I MUST do this for my health and to live a happy long life! I went grocery shopping and picked up some preportioned chip packs as I need something salty as a snack. -- BUT now I realize I should of picked up pretzels instead -- but bought it so you will see chips in my snacks this week! :) Lunches I'm going to be prob having Lean Cuisines this week to focus more on healthy snacks and not worrying about fixing a lunch as well as healthy snacks. Breakfast I bought some breakfast sandwiches and think I need to focus on getting a less point breakfast to have more points thru my day. So will maybe try oatmeal next week? This is my first week back on track so am trying to work out what works for me! :) Anyhow here's todays plan:

B: DLite Breakfast Sandwich 5
S: Chips 3
L: Lean Cuisine Meal 5
Pepper w/ lite ranch 2
Cherry Tomatoes 0
Vitatop 1
D: Pork w/ Baked Beans 10
Truffles 5

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year - New Goals

Well as you can tell by my lack of posting -- I took the holidays off. According to my home scale it's back up again. I'm rejoining WW tonight -- am sure it will be PACKED with all the new people...but that is a-ok w/ me. I have felt tired and no energy through this holiday season and it's NO doubt it's cause of the crap food I've been eating. So weigh in tonight and grocery shopping on the way home! I'll be posting my daily eats as well here.

I'm more than ready to get back to it and feel good again!!!