Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday 10/23

Ok I have no idea why that last post was all weird and I have no time to figure it out so just posted it seperately! I did well yesterday -- and had an attack of the night munchies hence the baked chips! I ate good portions at dinner over at the sister in laws last night...I was quite proud!

When I do WW on plan -- I always seem to be at 31-32 points a day. Any less than that I feel SOOOO hungry. I'm only supposed to have 28 per day -- I know that's what flex is for...but I'd rather save them to have maybe one day where I can splurge a little. Does anyone else feel that way? I know exercise would put me down to my in point range..but I doubt I'd exercise every day to earn 3-4 points daily. I'll have to ponder this!

Well off to finish my oatmeal...I'm finding I really like my oatmeal in the's a perfect breakfast for these cold mornings!!

Wednesday Food



oatmeal 3
chex mix turtle bar 3
lean cuisine 5
pita chips and hummus 5
chicken noodles, potatoes, green beans, applesauce 13
baked chips 3

Table provided by Roni's" Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fresh Week

Well I went to weigh in last night. Let's just say it was not good AT ALL. Do you every get tired of hearing yourself say ok this time I'm going to do it -- it's a new week and I'm going to do great! One of the things about keeping a blog is I always fall off - hop back on - fall off --- blah blah blah and it keeps track of that - in writing! I feel horrible sometimes about continuing to write cause I do this time and time again! But I tell myself..that is life..that is what alot of people go through right? So anyways -- I faced the music and am back to stay!

Ok so I have 25 pounds to hit my first goal. That is all I'm going to be focusing on. (still have about 30 to go after that) BUT 25 is my goal for now. I will be keeping track of it on there.

10/22/08 Pounds to lose for first goal: 25

So food log begins tomorrow! I also switched up my breakfat eats this week -- I'm eating oatmeal! We'll see how that works for me. Tonight we are eating over at my sister in laws and she is making chicken and noodles so that shouldn't be to bad -- will watch my portions. I do have a big hurdle this weekend -- my dad is coming into town and we usually eat out for dinner when he's in town. Thurs-Sunday -- I'm going to plan to cook Friday night but Thursday and Saturday night we will def be eating out. I'm going to suggest Applebees for Thursday and can stick to their WW menu. Saturday we are going to a steak place.....and can do a small steak w/ veggies and baked potato and stay w/in decent points. So that's my plan!

Off to begin my BUSY day -- work is crazy lately!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday - Monday!

Well so much for tracking this weekend, ha! It was a very stressful Friday and went out to dinner w/ my mom (she needed me here) and didn't head out of town to camp until Saturday morning. But it was a good weekend, not food wise -- but fun wise! :)

So no food log for today -- will be back with it tomorrow. Hope everyone had a good week!!