Thursday, February 05, 2009


Almost the weekend yahoo! Well due to more snow and ice I didn't make it to weigh in the other day. However the scale and tight pants (Ha) are down from the weekend! :) With the husband eating healthier it has made dinner and at home MUCH easier!! We have given up all "white" products and eating brown rice and whole wheat pasta!! We eat that several times a week and to replace those items is a biggie. He's learning to like them and am super excited!

Money is tight the next couple months cause of the IVF so am trying to be frugal in what I buy at the store. I am a convience person -- I work long hours and am very tired at the end of the day and not much time in the morning to prepare meals. To plan lunches and pack them sometimes at night is a chore cause I'm just exhausted. (some of this is due to my MS I think) But I'm finding that since we are trying to plan more ahead of time and keep only healthy things in the house and I'm not buying all those quick and easy items (100 cal packs and granola bars ect) I'm eating better. Instead of 100 cal pack -- I have a green pepper w/ 100 calorie dip (I do spulrge on that as portioning out my salad dressing is a must for me!) or a cucumber w/ dip.

We spent ALOT at the store last week but some where items that will last weeks, and produce plus some meats should be all we need this week. I'm trying not to stop at the store midweek and only buy what we need on the weekend grocery trip. So far I think the large purchase from last weekend actually has saved us money this week so far, no add'l trips to the store this week - no eating out - and we see it on the scales too!

Anyhow -- as you can see I'm trying to "think" more about this process along the way......and hope this works out to my benefit! :)

Hope everyone has a good day -- I hope to post more about what I'm eating soon, just trying not to put to much on my plate right now -- one thing at a time!


  • At 4:20 AM, Anonymous Christy said…

    Hey there. I miss reading about you. How is IVF going? I am praying for you :-) and keeping my fingers crossed


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