Friday, January 16, 2009

1*16*09 Friday -- Yahoo!

Well weigh in was fantastic, I lost 4.8!! WOO HOO! Although you know what happened? After that I started eating bad??!! Why do I do this??????????????????????????? It makes me question my sanity!! Why do I sabbotage a good weigh in?

My mom and I always go out to eat after weigh in and I don't count points, well that leads to bad it was all down hill from there. Maybe this is some sort of trigger for me? Well I'm back at it today -- so still have 4.5 days to go and if I am back on track I'll have 4.5 days of good eating that will show up on the scale w/ good results!!

So here's today:
B: BFast sandwich
L: Lean Cuisine
S: Peppers w/ lite ranch, cherry tomatoes
D: Not sure yet.

It was -10 actual temp this morning...brrrr!! It's so cold. I was all bundled up this am in bed..nice and toasty so to get out of bed was a bit of a chore!! Here's to a great weekend and being on track!


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