Friday, January 16, 2009

1*16*09 Friday -- Yahoo!

Well weigh in was fantastic, I lost 4.8!! WOO HOO! Although you know what happened? After that I started eating bad??!! Why do I do this??????????????????????????? It makes me question my sanity!! Why do I sabbotage a good weigh in?

My mom and I always go out to eat after weigh in and I don't count points, well that leads to bad it was all down hill from there. Maybe this is some sort of trigger for me? Well I'm back at it today -- so still have 4.5 days to go and if I am back on track I'll have 4.5 days of good eating that will show up on the scale w/ good results!!

So here's today:
B: BFast sandwich
L: Lean Cuisine
S: Peppers w/ lite ranch, cherry tomatoes
D: Not sure yet.

It was -10 actual temp this morning...brrrr!! It's so cold. I was all bundled up this am in bed..nice and toasty so to get out of bed was a bit of a chore!! Here's to a great weekend and being on track!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1*13*09 Tuesday

Ok so weigh in is tonight! I show I'm down on my scale at home so well see what the official scale says tonight. I've been doing really well and am proud of myself!! I've really been sticking to my plan and feel great. Yeah!!!!!!! It's been crazy at work so not much time to write -- sorry -- here's todays plan:

B: Oatmeal 3
L: 1/2 Bun
Sloppy Joe
Mac n Cheese (all leftovers)
S: 1 serving baked chips
peppers w/ lite ranch
D: Eat out after meeting.

I haven't calculated points on the above but it was all small portions. Just no time to do points today. Tomm is a new week and want to try to plan ahead point wise ahead of time rather than the day of. I plan ahead of time what to get at the store so need to do the same in planning my day! With dinner not being known most the time that is tough but w/ portions can control that!

I am really enjoying my oatmeal in the am, it's 3 points and high fiber (10grams!) -- instant but that's the best I can do -- and much better than the breakfast sandwiches, even though I still will have those some weeks! :) They are yummy!

Have a great day!

Monday, January 12, 2009

1*12*09 MONDAY

Wow what a weekend, it was great but just wish it were longer!! I didn't eat the greatest at the Japanese dinner Saturday night -- and I paid for it Sunday! My stomach wasn't feeling very well!! But overall not to bad. I grocery shopped and got my eats for the week so am all set to go -- here's today:

B: Oatmeal 3
L: Chicken Breast, w/ potato and salad (leftovers) 8
S: tootsie roll pop 2
S: Pepper w/ light ranch 2
D: Unsure yet

Here's to a great week!!