Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday woo hoo!

Yea I'm sooo happy it's Friday!!

Well last night I had promised my stepdaughter we'd go get hot dogs and fries from a place down the road. I was sooo hungry -- so I got 2 hot dogs and some chili cheese fries. What was I thinking??!!! I ate only 1 hot dog..but did eat the chili cheese fries. I ate slowly and really enjoyed them. Luckily it wasn't a large portion -- so I counted my points and moved on. I really need to watch getting to hungry or I throw it all to the wind and just want to eat.

I didn't eat anything else the rest of the night...and actually woke up this morning hungry. So I know it wasn't to to bad -- as when I do overeat -- I wake up not hungry AT ALL in the am. Since I've started counting my points in the evening I can adjust and eat lighter today to make up for the high points at dinner last night.

The weekend is coming and I always have a harder time on the weekends!!! Tonight we have a football know we'll prob eat there. Saturday think we are going downtown to a museum and eat lunch down there. Dinner at home. Sunday we are tackling cleaning our garage so will burn some calories there -- as it's reallllly bad -- and prob dinner at home. Monday no clue. So might be a challenge this weekend....but will keep on track and try and get some exercise in to help balance some of the eating out that will be occuring this weekend!!

Have a good 3-day weekend!!


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