Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hello Hello! I'm back! Man on man lots going on around here lately. Sorry haven't posted. Diet front...eeeeh not that great. But back on it this week, haven't weighed in since last time due to tons of crapola going on. Anyhow -- back to my menus this week!

My husband has an issue that is requiring surgery and has him really wanting to eat better as well. He also has high blood pressure and is wanting to begin to eat better to help control that. I'm thrilled I have a partner now in this!! Yahhooo!

Also we are about to begin the processed called IVF, so yes trying to have a baby!! The percentages that this will be successful is pretty low but am optimistic and hopefully. It is VERY expensive and our insurance does NOT cover this so we are only able to try this one time. I'm in the beginning stages and had my blood drawn yesterday and Monday going for my first appointment. Either way the outcome is I'll be ok -- my life is good now, so if it doesn't include any children of my own that is ok, I have my 2 stepdaughters! :)

ALSO big drum roll! I quit smoking, yes I was a smoker!! It is now into week 3 of not smoking and I have to say I am just fine. I am not using food as a substitute nor am I a mess...ha ha My husband on the other hand is having a little harder of a time but he'll be ok!

So big changes and lots going on in my life -- BUT am still working on losing weight as well, some may say that's too much but I don't think so -- am working on making myself more healthy and that includes eating better!

Anyhow will be around more often, hope everyone is having a good day!!


  • At 4:57 AM, Anonymous Christy said…

    YAY! You are back. I missed my twin blogger! I am proud of you for recommitting and for giving up smoking! You should save up that extra money and use it to buy new clothes when you get all skinny :-)


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