Monday, November 17, 2008

11/17/08 Monday

Ok sorry for not posting for so long!! I didn't really fall off the wagon -- just got sidetracked!!! SO didn't write down or count points....but didn't really go overboard or crazy w/ anything either. So got on the scale this am and was the same. I'm officially weighing in tomm night so will "officially" report then!

So this week is officially Clean Eating week in our household! We gotthis magazine in the mail called Clean Eating -- I must of signed up for a freebie! Well it inspired us to try it for a week, that was all I could get the husband to commit to, so I'll take it! I'm needing something different than the same ol same ol stuff -- so this is a refreshing change. I'm working this week on portions and eating more natural -- sometimes when I get so focused on points/calories it's time consuming and so detailed that if I mess up I feel I blew it for the week even though it was just a day! So taking this week to try this...see how we do and reevaluate it for next week. It was interesting planning and shopping this weekend. I'll post my food each day...I have Mon-Fri planned out. My husband has already called me at 10am this morning saying he was starving!!! He was laughing too -- he's got a good attitude (so far anyhow!).

I'm excited to see how this week goes, also VERY excited to see the husband participating...he doesn't need to lose but about 10-20 pounds (I think he's fine but he said he needs to lose!) but more importantly to me is his health. He has high blood pressure and is tired alot -- and think with better nutrition and being more active...that will be all he needs to feel better!!

I'll keep you updated!

Monday eats (this is the plan and will update it if it changes, I didn't note servings or sizes, everything is portioned and it's 1 serving that's listed)

B: Pumpkin oatmeal, banana
S: Apple, almonds
L: Chicken Stew
S: Apple, carrot sticks,mango juice
D: Mango Chicken w/ Brown Rice


  • At 3:31 AM, Anonymous Christy said…

    YAY! You are back. Your eating SO good too. I am proud of you and your husband. If you keep this up you will see a BIG change.


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