Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday - Day One

Ok so weigh in was again a big fat ZERO however w/ my cheese fest this weekend and my falling into a big vat of tootsie rolls yesterday I suppose that is good. So today is day one of the fresh start to the week, I will be successful! I will start w/ posting day one of my food week tomm am....which would be todays food.

This weekend we are going camping w/ family...a huge group of us. I already know what we are having for dinner Friday (chili) and Saturday (barb-que pork) so with some planning I can be we will be pretty active this weekend too.

So I'm off to the grocery today during lunch so better go start making my list!! Hope everyone is having a great week!!


  • At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Christy said…

    LOL...well '0' is better than +1 or +2...I think you need to make a tootsie roll sacrifice to the trash can...haha. I know treats are so hard. I made brownies last night for my husband to take to work this morning. I ate one...a big...I knew I should have just packed them up and got them out of my site...but I didn't.

  • At 7:04 AM, Anonymous Christy said…

    Okay Chica...what is your meal plan for the week? What dinners and lunches are you aiming for? What snacks did you plan for the week? These are all important things to know ahead of time. I know you can do this. YOu are strong willed!


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