Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday is here!

Ok so I had a great weekend with my sister!! We had alot of fun and am so glad I made the trip up to spend the weekend with her. It's a 7 1/2 hour drive so to head up after work on a Friday and come home Sunday night is a pretty big drive just for a weekend. But it's an easy drive and I bought a couple books on cd and just enjoyed the quiet time by myself. So looking forward to doing this more often as I had so much fun and didn't mind the drive at all.

However on the food front, I failed...failed miserably at the attempt to eat heathy. For some reason when I'm with my sister we just are BAD with one another. Food is a focus, we both admit it -- and know it's a problem. So next time I swear to do better, I swear! :) Also it's Wisconsin so there's cheese, lots of cheese...yummy cheese! So had lots of that..and brought some home too. Also meat and brats brought home too! I bought a huge box of frozen hamburgers, they are sooo good and last time I calculated points they were only 4 points for the's lean and on the small side....but they are from a butchers shop and yummy! I use them to whip up quick dinners and also for lunch on the weekend, I feel like I get a little indulgence when I have one and w/ a low cal bun it's reasonable points!

Despite the being "bad" this weekend I am motivated and feel determined to get on the wagon and stay there! I miss feeling good in my skin and also want to do this for my health. So started logging my food for today and I'll post todays eats on tomm blog! My attitude is good and I feel very positive am happy about that today!

Hope everyone had a good weekend -- haven't had a chance yet to catch up with everyone yet from the weekend so hope ya'll are doing well!


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