Friday, October 17, 2008

Camping Friday!

Ok well yesterday wasn't so great. It was a whirlwind of a day and even though I had my lunches and snacks planned I went a little overboard on my servings. I knew it would be a crazy couple days and so didn't make my lunches and snacks just brought it all to my office to store in the fridge. BIG MISTAKE I can not be trusted with a big tupperware of chicken salad and a package of cheese!! Ugggh! Oh well. Plus my husband made brownies last night so had to sample! I had one and cut up the rest to store in the freezer so they wouldn't tempt me, so that was a plus!

This is the big camping weekend so looking forward to getting some exercise and being outside all weekend. I WILL watch my food intake and try to track my food by sending "tweets" to myself w/ my will update on Monday my food log. Knowing I have to do that will make me feel accountable this weekend and not go hog wild! I was a little nervous about camping as it's supposed to be cold but yesterday I just started getting really excited and am SO ready to get away for the weekend!! It's a bunch of family and know we will have a ton of fun...looking most forward to sitting around the fire at night! :)

Anyhow hope everyone has a great weekend!

Day 2 in WeekTarget28
DLight Breakfast Sandwich -523
Chicken salad on bun w/ fruit -1013
Chicken Breast w/ Noodles and salad-13-5
Weekly points used: 10 - Remaining: 20 in Week

Table provided byRoni's" Food Journal Generator.


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    Hey! It is Tuesday! I am bored and need something to read :-)


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