Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday -- Paaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrty!

Oh man I am soo happy it's Friday!! Sooooooooo glad! I am super busy today and am leaving work early to drive 7 hours to see my sister so no time to post today. I did good yesterday until my husband said -- let's go to DQ last night after dinner. What you say you can make good choices at DQ? You can? HA yes I know you can, but I did not! Ugggggh! However one treat will not hinder my weight loss efforts, it's LOTS of treats right??!! I need to make a point to tell myself that to be successful as sometimes I'm just like oh well I blew it so might as well forget this week..and eat! I'm not doing that this time!! So back Monday w/ regular posts with my food. Sorry -- just no time today and I'll be gone this weekend.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!


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