Thursday, October 09, 2008

One more day until Friday! WOO!

Ok so yesterday was a pretty good day. My stomach has been hurting for the past week -- I don't know why stress, not eating right?? But anyways being on track yesterday really made it feel so much better!! So maybe it was the eating?? I'm just thankful it feels better -- hooray!

I feel I ate just about the right amount at dinner -- however the points seemed high, but adding it all up I did ok -- just a little over which that's what the weekly points are for!! I am not a big veggie fan at all, so it's hard to get those in. I have some cherry tomatoes for snacks today and need to get a green pepper to add to the mix too. I love salads, green beans and peas.....that's about it as far as veggies go!! Celery is ok too -- as are baby carrots (not cooked!) but those I can tolerate but not a big fan. So it's always a challenge w/ the veggies for me.

So here's to another good day today! :)

Day 1 in WeekTarget28
DLight Breakfast Sandwich-523
whole wheat tortilla w turkey and lettuce -419
fig newtons-314
pork, black eyed peas, tortilla, potato -14-1
Tootsie Roll Pop -1-2
Weekly points used: 2 - Remaining: 33 - Overall: Great Day! in Week

Table provided byRoni's" Food Journal Generator.


  • At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Christy said…

    woohoo! Do the happy dance! You had a great day. Sorry about the belly ache. I know the first three weeks that I was back on track I had the worst stomach pains from gas...don't tell anyone I said that. Oh ya...that was ALL me. :-)


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