Friday, January 09, 2009

1*9*09 Friday -- woo hoo!

I'm soo thrilled it's Friday, work has been nuts and I've been staying up to late resulting in being sleepy in the am. I'm SO ready for the weekend!!

We are going to a Japanese Steakhouse this weekend and it's sooo yummy. I am going to try to limit my eats and stick w/ chicken! That darn rice is what gets me!! So eating will be light thru the day Saturday to help compensate for the large dinner. I'll be back on Monday -- posting just doesn't happen on the weekends!!

Here's todays plan:

B: BLight sandwich 5
S: Bananna 2
L: Forgot my lunch, so am thinking McDonalds Southwest Salad 9
S: Pepper w/ light ranch 2
D: ? 10 points left


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