Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fresh Week

Well I went to weigh in last night. Let's just say it was not good AT ALL. Do you every get tired of hearing yourself say ok this time I'm going to do it -- it's a new week and I'm going to do great! One of the things about keeping a blog is I always fall off - hop back on - fall off --- blah blah blah and it keeps track of that - in writing! I feel horrible sometimes about continuing to write cause I do this time and time again! But I tell myself..that is life..that is what alot of people go through right? So anyways -- I faced the music and am back to stay!

Ok so I have 25 pounds to hit my first goal. That is all I'm going to be focusing on. (still have about 30 to go after that) BUT 25 is my goal for now. I will be keeping track of it on there.

10/22/08 Pounds to lose for first goal: 25

So food log begins tomorrow! I also switched up my breakfat eats this week -- I'm eating oatmeal! We'll see how that works for me. Tonight we are eating over at my sister in laws and she is making chicken and noodles so that shouldn't be to bad -- will watch my portions. I do have a big hurdle this weekend -- my dad is coming into town and we usually eat out for dinner when he's in town. Thurs-Sunday -- I'm going to plan to cook Friday night but Thursday and Saturday night we will def be eating out. I'm going to suggest Applebees for Thursday and can stick to their WW menu. Saturday we are going to a steak place.....and can do a small steak w/ veggies and baked potato and stay w/in decent points. So that's my plan!

Off to begin my BUSY day -- work is crazy lately!!


  • At 3:41 AM, Anonymous Christy said…

    I love reading your blog and I think we are good 'virtual' buddies...

    I am glad to see you recommit. I did it several times. Eventually I had to take a look at why I kept starting to diet and never really had success. I know it is going to be hard...but you need more control over the food in your house. IF your husband is cooking dinner he needs to start making stuff more WW's friendly OR you need to eat something else. I used to sneak oreo cookies out of our cookie jar the last times I did WW's. This time...NOT AT ALL. We don't buy stuff like that anymore. I buy WW's cakes or other snacks that are lower in points. That way we do not have tempting items in our house.

    I had to tell myself that I either needed to seriously commit to the plan or just give it up.


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