Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesday 12*2*08

Yesterday went pretty well, I had a darn piece of cake though...grrr, I have no control! However I didn't let that detour the rest of my day -- and stayed on track!

I'm heading back to WW tonight -- feel guilty as I have been going and just not following the plan and not losing, then losing....then not....drop out for a couple weeks and then back again. It's time I recommit!! So going tonight and facing the music and buying a brand spanking new journal too! Is it crazy to feel embarrassed to weigh in and the girls weighing me in looking at my weight yo yo and thinking what is she doing??!! Ugggh I am...but I'm sure they see it all there. At least I'm going back!

Today's eats:

B: Oatmeal Bake
S: Quaker minis
L: Mexican soup (my husband made threw this together and LOVE it, it's kinda chili like w/out alot of meat and alot of veggies)
S: Quaker minis
FF yogurt
D: Applebees burger + a couple onion rings


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